Syrphidae Foundation

Logo Syrphidae foundation
Logo Syrphidae foundation

The foundations aim is to further the worldwide study of Syrphidae (Insects, Diptera). This is acomplished by funding all sorts of activities related to this study like travel expenses, collecting equipment, pinning and housing material and the shipment of material by mail. The funding will foremost benefit the beginning students and the unemployed "amateur" Syrphidologists to enhance the cooperation between these two groups and the professional employed Syrphid workers. The forum where such cooperation is most tangible is the biannual International Symposium on Syrphidae.

The foundation is in it first steps and financing is searched for to establish a vast amount to be able to run the foundation and aquire more income to be able to grant funding to those who are in need.


The foundation started with the input of financing acquired by the founder. This financing came from several projects for which the founder was asked to work on. The first project was the IUCN European Red list of Syrphidae.

Other financing wil come from selling part of my collection, but mostly from funding through the EU for the Taxonomic resources for Pollinator monitoring scheme.


The foundation is privately managed by the founder. The board will be responsible for the daily activities of the foundation including managing the assets, approving the grants and searching for input into the foundation.

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