Syrphidae foundation board members.


The Syrphidae foundation will have two separate committees to ensure

1: a wealthy and good running foundation, (the Board) and

2: to decide indipendantly on the distribution of funds (the committee).


The board consists of 2 to 4 members including Chairman, treasurer and secretary. The first members will be installed during the biannual Syrphidae Symposium and the duration of the appointment will be declared in the by-laws.


The granting committee will consist of 3 to 5 members representing both employed and non-employed Syrphid workers. This committee will aslo be installed during the biannual Syrphidae Symposium.


The board will have a minimum of 4 meetings each year and the financial year will end in June, before the Syrphidae Symposium. In the Sympsium year the board will have a meeting on the Symposium during which the financial status and other achievements will be discussed. Possible new board or committee members wil be elected. The other year the results will be made public by e-mail, on the web-page of the foundation and any other way suitable. To be able to vote on certain issues some kind of membership will possibly be required.


The committee will gather twice (or so often in considdered necessary) a year to discuss the incoming grant proposals. Grants will not be given to those which are member of the committee, nor of the board nor to any relative of these. Other retrictions can be found under grants.


The possiblility of reimbursment of expenses will be very limited. The members of the committee will not be eligible for reimbursment. The board members could get some reimbursment for attending the Syrphidae Symposium (this will be negotiated when the board is installed and it will be written down in the by-laws). The founder will only be eligible for reimbursment of costs for attending the Syrphidae Symposium (this will aslo be further explained in the by-laws).


The founder will not take place in the board nor in the committee, but has the right to attend all meetings. The obligations or aids will be given in the by-laws.